Cooling in the Cameron Highlands

It was all hairpin turns on narrow two-way roads during the ascent to Tanah Rata, but the risk was worth the reward: cool weather (a welcome respite from the 100% humidity of the sea-level cities). On Saturday morning I trekked 2000m up Gunung Brinchang. Below, some views from the top.



On the way down I stopped at a tea plantation for a tasting and a brief tour.


I left for Penang early Sunday morning. Going down the mountain is always easier than going up, and with no traffic I thoroughly enjoyed the winding roads. I arrived mid-afternoon, napped, and then headed out to the notorious hawker stalls for what was some of the best food I’ve had in Malaysia. I was too busy noshing to remember to take any pictures, so here’s this morning’s dim sum breakfast:


Not too shabby. I spent a good chunk of the morning at the Thai consulate, and I’m happy to report that I managed to procure a 60 day tourist visa, which should be plenty, and is quite a bit more than the 15 days I otherwise would have received at the border. More soon.

6 thoughts on “Cooling in the Cameron Highlands”

  1. Wow–what beautiful pictures of the highlands. Thrilling to wake up to them this morning. Thanks for sharing, but drive carefully! the schnapps

  2. Hair pin turns, oy vey! Sounds like you are doing well though.
    How long do you think you will actually be in Thailand now with
    new Visa? Love you, Jane

  3. Nice following you on your adventure. Would be curious to see a pix of you in your riding gear, maybe next to your packed up bike?

  4. Sorry, double post (triple now!) – previous post somehow didn’t show up and I thought that I did something wrong — just erase as needed.

  5. Those tea fields are captivating and encapsulating. If you wind back this way and its seasonally possible, go on a trek to find the world’s largest flower: Rafflesia. You can also check out a butterfly sanctuary and wear some scorpions!

    And now you are off to Thailand…I’ve never been, so the vicarious living here begins!

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